The Best of Motorola, so far

Motorola is a brand that produces robust-designed, quality smartphones and gadgets. With new trends always taking down the market, Motorola is up for the smartphone game. With so many lines – E, Z, X it is hard to tell which is the right for you. This is why we decided to clear out the mess and find out what that’s all about. We present you the best and the worst of Motorola smartphones, so far.

Best backup phone: Moto C and Moto C Plus

If you are not looking for a great design, and top-notch, high-priced smartphone, devices from C-line are the ones for you. Moto C and Moto C Plus are the best of Motorola if you are looking to buy your first smartphone or a backup phone.

Released in May 2017, with quite an affordable price (under 100 $) you can get more than you need. Some of the features of these smartphones are:

– 5-inch display,
– quad-core MediaTek processor,
– 2,350 mAh battery (4000 mAh for Moto C Plus),
– 5 MP rear camera (8 MP for Moto C Plus).
– keep in mind that RAM spec is not exquisite – 1 to 2 GB.
– and they support 3G, as well.

Best battery life: Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus

All hail our king of best battery performance! Motorola released these two E line smartphones in June this year, and they are still the subject of tech talks. Main reason for it is the price – is much lower than it should be.

Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus run on Android 7.1.1 and have 12 MP camera. The most surprising thing on Moto E4 and Moto E4 plus is the battery. These phones have batteries with 5,000 mAh capacity, which means that you don’t have to charge the phone for 2 whole days. Amazeballs!

Best smooth feel: Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus

It’s kinda strange, but Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus give us Z-like vibes. If you are looking to buy the best of Motorola, go with the Moto G5 Plus. This is the phone that has excellent features and has more than reasonable price for all the things that it has to offer.

Motorola reduced the cost of these phones by sticking to the plastic in the design, but the most exciting thing is definitely the looks. Rounder edges, 12MP rear camera, all-day battery life, Snapdragon 625 (on Moto G5 Plus) and wide open lens are what makes this series the best of Motorola.

All in 1: Moto Z and Moto Z Force

This is, by far, the most impressive Motorola smartphone line. Z series represents the Motorola top players. The most significant thing about Z line is that it has detachable backplates. Phones from this line are real beasts – with long battery life, a fantastic camera of 21MP, good sound effects and a fingerprint sensor. Moto Z and Moto Z Force can both serve you very well. Did we mention Snapdragon 820 and 5.5’’ AMOLED display? What more could you want? Best of Motorola, indeed.

Best design: Moto Z2 Play

This beauty is the successor of Moto Z Play, released in June 2017. Moto Z2 Play made our best of Motorola list because it is just beautiful. All-metal case and a sleek design, with Motorola’s recognizably good screen, makes this device pretty attractive. The camera performance didn’t fail us either – 12 MP, and nor did the 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display.

The phone is one millimeter thinner than the Moto Z Play, which reduced battery’s performance by 15%, but this feature will not bother you at all. With the Snapdragon 626 and 3000 mAh, this is everything you have ever dreamt of.

Surprise, surprise!

Now, we came to the fun part. We have a little surprise for you. Actually, Motorola does: Motorola presents you the new, the young, the best of the best – Motorola Moto X4.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate the future existence of the Motorola Moto X4, the first Android One phone that promises a lot! When we say a lot, we mean good performance, good battery life, and affordable price.

Although Motorola Moto X4 isn’t even out yet, from what we’ve heard, it is worthy of our best of Motorola list. This phone is the closest you can get to Moto Z line when it comes to price, while the design resembles the G line. With 5.2’’ IPS display, two rear lenses (12 MP and the other 8MP), Snapdragon 360, 3000mAh battery, and Android One (the purest Android that you can get), this phone will take care of all your needs. We expect it to be released any day now, and we can’t wait to see this beauty in action.

At the end…

Sometimes you don’t fancy smartphones and top-notch design that only works if you don’t use the phone. Sometimes you need a smartphone that is going to last all day and give you excellent performance. Reliability and longevity. Maybe the phones that we featured today are not the best on the market, but they are the best that Motorola has to offer at this point. So, if you’re Motorola fan, you gotta love them. Especially the ambitious newcomer Moto X4 who can be our new favorite Motorola star.


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