New Google Hangouts Meet Kit, Video Conferencing System Unveiled

Google has this week unveiled new video conferencing hardware it has created to replace the antiquated system your company is probably using. Designed specifically to complement the Google Hangouts application for businesses. The Google Hangouts Meet kit comprises of an ASUS Chromebox hub, a 4K-sensor camera with added artificial intelligence technology to help make the communication process as easy and as streamlined as possible.

Priced at $2000 the video conferencing system bundle also includes useful G Suite enterprise edition integrations that allow you to schedule events from calendar or view meeting details directly from the touchscreen. The camera within the video conferencing system is fitted with a 120 degree field of view allowing you to see more of the board room or office than previous systems.

To coincide with the launch of the new Google video conferencing system its engineers are also updating the Hangouts Meet app for businesses, enabling meetings with up to 50 participants, with 30 available from launch. For more details and availability jump over to the official Google website by following the links below.

Hangouts Meet hardware brings the same reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Hangouts Meet to the conference room. Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable—and headache-free—for any size meeting room. The speakermic, custom designed and built by Google, intelligently reduces echoes and actively manages background noise to deliver rich, immersive, crystal-clear 360˚ sound. The camera shines in huddle rooms where it automatically zooms and crops based on the number of people in the room.

In just minutes, you can set up Hangouts Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they’re on another floor or in another country.The hardware kit can even self-diagnose any issues, and it automatically updates the firmware of all the components to the latest version to guarantee the best video experience, always. Remote device monitoring and management make it easy for administrators to stay in control, too.

Source: Google

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