Five to Try: Experience The Walking Dead in VR and cruise the Death Road to Canada

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re planning on spending the weekend immersing yourself in seasonally appropriate entertainment, then you can start with your Android phone. Our Five to Try column rounds up the latest and greatest Play Store releases, and there’s quite a bit of spooky stuff worth checking out right now.

AMC’s new VR app brings a handful of The Walking Dead experiences to enjoy with a Cardboard or Daydream viewer (or right on your phone screen), while Death Road to Canada offers a zombie-filled journey to survive and Decap Attack Classic resurrects an old-school Sega game about a skull-tossing mummy. Elsewhere, Netflix finally released an app for managing its DVDs-by-mail service, and Darts of Fury is an entertaining new take on the classic game.


Pop on a Cardboard or Daydream headset for Walking Dead in VR.

The Walking Dead is back on TV just in time for Halloween thrills, and if you’re keen on being surrounded by flesh-eating beasts—and really, who wouldn’t be?—then get yourself a copy of the AMC VR app. Available in both Google Cardboard and Daydream flavors, the app delivers 360-degree video and mobile VR experiences based on the zombie smash, as well as martial arts drama Into the Badlands.

You can check out the free content with or without a VR viewer, although it’s certainly more immersive when the experience is strapped to your head. However, the early bits here are underwhelming. There’s an extended action scene from The Walking Dead’s season premiere, but while tense and exciting, most of it is viewed from a third-person perspective. It’s not the sharpest use of VR we’ve seen, but AMC says more stuff is coming.