Amazon Launches AR View On their Amazon App

Amazon has announced the launch of a new feature called AR View on their Amazon App for the iPhone. The feature lets you see how products from Amazon will look around your home and it will work on the iPhone 6S or later if they are running iOS 11 and above.

The video below shows how the new AR View feature will work on the Amazon App, it apparently works with thousands of items that are available on Amazon.

Amazon’s latest augmented reality offering within the Amazon App launched today for customers with iOS 11 installed on their iPhone 6S or later. Using Apple’s ARKit, AR view helps customers make better shopping decisions by allowing them to visualize the aesthetic and fit of products in their own living space. Customers simply open the Amazon App, click on the camera icon and choose AR view. They can then select from thousands of items – from living room, bedroom, kitchen and home office products to electronics, toys and games, home décor and more. Whether customers are buying a sofa or a kitchen appliance, they can overlay it onto their existing living space, move it and rotate it to get a full 360-degree peek in a live camera view to make sure it fits their style and aesthetic.

The new AR View feature is now available on the latest version of the Amazon App on the iPhone, you can find out more details at the link below.

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