39000mA MegaBattery, Powerful Portable Battery Pack

If you are looking for some serious mobile power solution you may be interested in the aptly named MegaBattery which offers a massive portable 39000mA battery. The design of this MegaBattery Allows users to easily scale up the battery to meet your power needs. One MegaBattery offers a capacity of 39000mAh (140.4Wh) although you can scale up 10 times to 390Ah (1404Wh) enabling you to power up your 40Wh fan for 35 hours or 70Wh notebook for 20 hours. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its capabilities.

Charging a typical 10400mA battery may need 5 hours by 5V/2A charging. If it is expanded to a 20000mA battery, then it takes 10 hours to full charge on it. That is terrible situation. Even, the latest quick charge technology QC3.0, you also need to spend many hours to fully charge. USB charging is limited as they are 5V. We adapt the Tesla battery management concept. We use 18650 as our core base and use latest battery mangement system to protet the battery to avoid over charge or discharge.

With respect of this issue, this is the initiative for me to redesign a larger capacity power storage which can cater for larger capacity and faster charging speed so that it can fulfill our demand for more power storage for our different electronic devices. I would like to call it “MegaBattery”. I would also like to include solar charging function for this portable power storage so that when you are in camping or outdoor with limited access to stable power charging. You can also use solar panel on roof or new windows to charge into this “MegaBattery” at home so that you become off-grid to power up your electronic device or use AC220V for your appliance.

Source: Kickstarter

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