10 Calorie Counting Apps that will Help you Get Fit this Summer

Summer is at our doorstep, and we should really watch what we eat if we want to keep this perfect body. So, today we’re presenting you with ten calorie counting apps, that’ll help you tone your body to supremacy.

1. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal (Android, iOS)

This great free app has been the number one on different lists of calorie counting and fitness apps for years. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal has two excellent features that make it the best:

a. An amazing database with all kinds of food and their nutritional content. You can even upload your favorite recipe to check how many calories it has.

b. The app can track your daily activities and provides you with 350+ exercises. If these exercises are not enough for you, you can always sync it with over fifty other fitness apps to track your training plan.

2. Calorie Counter, by MyNetDiary (Android, iOS)

Calorie Counter really focuses on getting a healthy, athletic body. Besides counting calories, Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary, also tracks how much you exercise and drink water during the day, as well as what are your daily vitamins and minerals intake. Right after you start this app for the first time, you will have to define your goals regarding calories number, exercise volume, water consumption, and body measurements. Just like a fitness coach the app will take care of your goals and remind you every day of your progress.

3. Calorie Counter by FatSecret (Android, iOS)

This version of free calorie counting app is one of the top three in the market. The reason is simple – it has all that you’ve ever needed! The app comes with a diet diary, barcode scanner, weight tracker, restaurant suggestion and nutritional value of restaurant’s food. It has everything you need to stay fit, except water intake counter. This may be a good feature idea for FatSecret engineers to consider.

4. Carbs Control (Android, iOS)

Carbs Control is a useful app which allows you to monitor carbs consumption in every meal. The first thing you have to do is to set you carb goals, and the app will start tracking how much pasta, potatoes, sweets, and everything else that has carbs in you eat during the day. Carbs Control can be an excellent assistant if you’re on one of those low carbs diets. It can also be quite useful to everyone who suffers from diabetes.

5. Fooducate (Android, iOS)

The number one reason we like Fooducate is that it has a barcode scanner and provides us with the information about all good and bad ingredients in the food that we want to buy. The app will even enable us to compare nutrition value, an amount of trans fat, additives, sugar and other components in two similar products and help us pick the better one. It is also important to mention hat Fooducate doesn’t work with any of the food manufacturers, or diet-oriented companies, so you can rest assured that analysis of this app is neutral.

6. Healthy Out (Android, iOS)

Healthy Out is made for all of us who are often too busy to eat at home. We’re facing the challenge of eating healthy on the go while there are all of these fast food restaurants all around us. The good news is that this calorie counting app can help. By selecting one of the filters, like ‘no carbs,’ the app will list all the restaurants that don’t provide high-carb food. Once you choose your lunch or dinner, the app will give you with nutrition info. The same rule applies to all kinds of different filters that you can use to choose the type of the meal you wish to have at the moment. It’s a great trick to avoid junk food traps.

7. Lose weight without dieting (Android, iOS)

Lose weight without dieting is not necessarily a calorie counting app. It’s more of a fitness and boosting motivation app. It has food database with nutritional values, but it is mostly focused on your weight plan, and tracking calorie and fitness activities. If you’re one of those people who forgot to drink water or eat while working, this app is excellent for you. It has reminders which will make sure that you have enough liquid and healthy food in your organism to go trough the day.

8. My Diet Coach (Android, iOS)

This is one of the best-designed apps on the dieting and fitness market. The biggest advantage that this app has over the others is that it helps people deal with psychological issues that may come with weight problems. This beautiful and cheer app will help you make peace with yourself and start making some changes in your lifestyle. It even provides you with tips and photos to keep you motivated and encourage you to take small, baby steps to success. By using simple tricks as visual weight loss tracker, calorie counter, reminders, and even rewards the app will help you feel much better on each step of your diet journey.

9. MyPlate Calories Tracker (Android, iOS)

This is a free calorie counting app that has more 2 million food items in its database. And it can tell you how many calories each of the elements have, as well as nutrition value and ingredients. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? On top of that, MyPlate Calories Tracker also follows your water intake and support training logs. As it usually is, you have to set diet goals and let the app do everything else. You can now focus on your diet and follow progress via graphs and charts.

10. ShopWell (Android, iOS)

ShopWell makes grocery shopping so much healthier. All you have to do is enter your healthy food ‘goals’, scan the product you wish to buy and the app will help you count everything and stick to your goals. Make shopping more fun and enable the app to suggest you some interesting alternatives that you can fit into your diet. It’s an excellent way to discover new flavors. On top of that, the app will also look after ingredients that you’re allergic to, or have a high intolerance. ShopWell can be your personal shopping assistant in no time.

So, all you have to do to stay fit this summer is to choose your favorite calorie counting app. Each of them can help you enjoy all the flavors of summer and relax a bit, at least regarding food.

Images from: BargainBabe, FatSecret, Fooducate, MyDietCoach

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